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Right Statements

Through the efforts to implement Mexicana, the Ministry of Culture, within the framework of its Digital Strategy, issues a series of use statements so that users of this platform know how to use the digital objects while respecting the copyright of the works. For more information we invite you to visit the following link in Spanish: http://agendadigital.cultura.gob.mx/declaraciones-de-uso/page/1.0/


This digital object is protected by copyright and / or related rights. For the use of this digital object, permission must be obtained from the holders of the rights or from the authorities that supervise them. http://agendadigital.cultura.gob.mx/declaraciones-de-uso/page/InC-MX/1.0


This digital object is protected by copyright and / or related rights. No permission is required from the holders of the rights if their use is for educational and academic purposes. The end user must respect the moral rights of the author and contact the owner of the rights for other uses. http://agendadigital.cultura.gob.mx/declaraciones-de-uso/vocab/InC-EDU-MX/1.0


The institution that has made this digital object available declares that it is in the public domain under Mexican law and its use can be with or without profit, always respecting the moral rights of the author. The Ministry of Culture recommends its users not to make commercial use of these objects and is not responsible for possible infringements of copyright that may arise. http://agendadigital.cultura.gob.mx/declaraciones-de-uso/page/InC-DOM-PUB-MX/1.0


The author or owner of the rights to the works, authorized and / or granted a license for free use so that digital objects can be used without any restriction, except to respect the moral rights of the author, that is, to quote the author and / or the source. http://agendadigital.cultura.gob.mx/declaraciones-de-uso/page/NoC-MX/1.0

Secretaría de Cultura, 2017. All rights reserved.