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Technical documentation

The practices of preservation, cataloging and management of digital collections within the Ministry of Culture are improved through this project, not only to enrich the assets of Mexicana but also to integrate more effective processes, based on good international practices

Some of its work modules are:

• Data Model Mexico: a standardized cataloging model for the description of different types of collections, to interoperate metadata and digital objects between institutions.

• Management and standardization of digital collections: the information of databases of the institutions has been standardized to establish a base of required and complementary metadata analyzed by our team.

• Technological development: Creation of a digital platform through OAI PMH and RDF protocols that supports organization, categorization, search and dissemination of information related to the collections of the Ministry of Culture through the use of a semantic model that integrates vocabularies that allow describing the available information objects.

• Policies for the use and reuse of digital objects: Rights statements were created for the the description of the situation of each of the digital objects within Mexicana for the use by the end users.

• Culture Dissemination: Through an open access web portal, users can navigate through a simple interface in order to explore the collections and create their own.

• Enrichment of records: Researchers and specialists may complement the information in the Repository. During the first stage, Mexicana will contain the collections of 17 institutions of the Ministry of Culture, meaning more than 700 thousand archaeological, historical, and artistic digital assets.

The downloadable document above (in spanish) describes the integration and linking of resources to Mexicana, a process that offers cultural institutions two ostensible benefits: the preservation and dissemination of their digital collections. In addition, it can help cultural institutions to carry out a more efficient management of their digital assets and promote sustainable processes in terms of human and economic resources.

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